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All about Fish

Globally, fish consumption is increasing. Large increase in fish consumption may have disastrous consequences for the population of fish. Seasonal fishery and seasonal fish consumption is necessary to give a chance to the different populations worldwide. It is silly to consume the same fresh fish each and every time throughout the year even when it owns a sustainable brand. In order to do something for the environment, overfishing and recovery of our fish stocks we must have an eye for nature. Can we still consume fish in the future with confidence?. The Fishfinder is the great convenience for the professional and consumer in the world of gastronomy. It's easy with the help of the fishfinder to make a conscious choice. Fishfinder is very convenient if you are going to create a new menu or if you want to know what the next few months is to obtain good. Fishfinder provides information on fish, crustaceans and shellfish, which are available both fresh and frozen. Anyone who wants to make his contribution to the recovery of the various fish populations, will only consume fish from the right season. The Fishfinder is an easy way to make a sustainable choice…now you have no reason to consume out of season !

How does the Fishfinder works. You can enter your favorite fish and select Fetch Fish. To search for a specific species, select the Fish Finder step by step 1 to 5

  1. Select Water type.
  2. Select Product type.
  3. Select Season, or Select all.
  4. Select Status.
  5. Select Fetch Fish.

If you are less choice oriented but still want to see the entire range by Fish and Season, select status on Any and Fetch Fish