What began with a stunning six-volume series of books has become a foundation.

Fresh Fish Trader Jan van As, a family business for generations, is a concept in the world of gastronomy. Fresh Fish Trader Jan van As enjoys a national and international reputation for its high quality and passion for fish. To be able to continue to the next generation of the family business, sustainable business, and especially sustainable action paramount. Fresh Fish Trader Jan van As selects and inspects its suppliers nationally and internationally. Transferring eye for sustainability and knowledge to the professional and the consumer has led to the publication of a six-book series "Fish & Season".

In 2005 appeared the first part of Fish & Season and was a pioneer in the world of sustainability. In three years, six books have been released. In 2008 Fish & Seasonal became a foundation, with Wim van As as president.

To gain support within the entire chain, it is important that there is a scientific basis which is indicating that it has an effect on fish stocks if they are not caught during the spawning period and consumed.

By the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) a grant was received to execute research in Wageningen. The aim was to scientifically support the principle of Fish&Season. In October 2011 the conclusions of this study were presented in the report Effects of fishing during the spawning period: C076/10 and C077/10, spawning closures: C067/11. Simply stated, the report concludes that it is plausible that sustainable fishing carried out in combination with fishing in the proper season has a positive effect, especially when fish stocks are under pressure. An important addition is that it never has an adverse effect and always has a positive effect on quality and return.


Good cooperation with MSC, North Sea Foundation and WWF

In 2010, to create a commonly accepted definition of sustainability, the WWF, MSC and the North Sea Foundation began to cooperate closely. Last year the Fish&Season Foundation became the first group manager of the Netherlands for the MSC Chain of Custody certification in the hospitality industry. North Sea Foundation carries out all assessments for inclusion in the Fish&Season assortment of non-MSC certified fisheries.