About Fish&Season


 ̏Eat fish when it´s sustainable and don´t catch fish during the spawning season. ̏

Fish & Season aims to contribute to the preservation and restoration of fish stocks. Encouraging sustainable consumption of fish and fish catches from the right season is the beginning. The main objective of Fish & Season to professional as consumers increase awareness with an eye for nature. "Leave the fish alone if it is concerned with the reproduction." More awareness means more guarantees for the survival and recovery of various fish populations.

Foundation Fish & Season, the "Carefree 100% sustainable" range made with Fresh Fish Trader Jan van As, based on seasonal ingredients, sustainable technology and quality. The combination of these ingredients will give you as a consumer a better yield and very high quality. The durable range is supported by MSC, ASC and SDN.

With the Fish & Season Partner Program is the hospitality encouraged to boost the sustainable fish responsibly continually without compromising on taste and quality. Partners are supported with extensive product information, training, marketing. For this they need to have to commit to a specific objective which is reviewed annually and published.