Fish&Season believes that a comprehensive approach is needed for the translation to sustainable fisheries where the entire fish chain is involved. Thus fishing, wholesale distribution, catering and consumer choice must contribute to sustainable fisheries. This is the only way to maintain fish stocks at their proper levels so that we can enjoy top-quality fish! Thus together we choose responsible enjoyment and a 100% sustainable assortment.

By closely cooperating with all of the relevant parties in the chain, together we can make a difference. Depending on their role and place in the chain we call these parties Hospitality, Distribution and Retail Partners.



As mentioned earlier Fish&Season wishes to stimulate the hospitality industry to boost responsible, sustainable fish without compromising on taste, quality or profit margins. Partners are supported in this goal via menu planning, staff education and marketing. The condition for participation is that the partner commits to work towards a specific target of at least 5 pieces of sustainable, responsible seafood within six months of registration.


Star Sponsor

To offer the “Carefree 100% Sustainable” assortment nationwide we cooperate with Star Sponsors. Currently, this assortment is offered by Fresh Fish Trader Jan van As, Hoi Kee Ho Fresh Fish and Hanos International Wholesale. As of 2014, more Star Sponsors are expected.