All around the world there are sustainable initiatives. Mainly based on population and fishing techniques. But are we doing well? Can the population increase by using sustainable techniques? What do costumers know about techniques and do they care? Many questions, many answers. So Fresh Fish Trader Jan van As introduced Fish&Season. Now you have no reason to consume out of season!


The world we live in knows four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The underwater flora and fauna is also tied to the seasons. It goes without saying that certain types of fish and shellfish are qualitatively less or even high to mention in a specific season. The seasonal variations have a great effect on the quality. But also on the availability of fish and shellfish. If you get fish and shellfish from the right season, you will contribute to the sustainability of our oceans.


The Fish&Season Foundation’s goal is that perfect catch and therefore fish must be eaten in the proper season and the spawning seasons must be respected. This contributes to the conservation of fish stocks and optimizes the quality of the fish.


The Dutch version of Fish&Season started as books, made for professional chefs and also for consumers. For example see the Dutch seasonal schedule below. Nowadays we have made all information digital. Discover your own favourite seasonal seafood product. Use the Fish Finder on Fish&Season.


January - February ~ The season of choices and looking beyond the borders
The holidays are behind us. The chef is again highly enthusiastic and plans even more things for his guests to enjoy this new year. Most fish are now living off of their reserves and tend to be leaner. In addition, the spawn formation is beginning. In our own seas certain fish are at their culinary peak around the winter season. Get information from your fish supplier!

March - ApriL ~ The Mediterranean awakens
This is a good season for early vegetables but as far as seafood is concerned it is perhaps the most difficult season. Most North Sea fish are lean and various kinds are full of roe. Supply from the Mediterranean is important for the large seafood supply and variety. Above the Arctic Circle the season for cod has arrived. Finally, we must remember that this season is the best for squid species!

May - June ~ Back to the coast
Spring is a time of abundance both above and below the water. The water heats up and plankton and other fish food begin growing. The supply of fish this season is pleasing to the eye with colorful varieties of species in the North Sea awaiting buyers. The quality differences between inshore and offshore fishing are obviously great. Gastronomically this is a great period in which chefs can indulge themselves with a very wide variety of choices.

July - August ~ Flat and round
The seasonal calendar of Fish&Season adds something extra to the groceries with a unique (culinary) vision: Be aware of the life cycle of the animals, and thus respect the seasons. Each fish has its own peak season in which it is nice and round, fat and healthy. But there is also an annual season in which a fish propagates. Not only does it deserve to be left in peace for the sake of posterity, but the fish is at that time of poor quality, lean and less meaty. The fish calendar tells you month by month which fish are in their peak season and which fish should not be eaten because it is their spawning season.

September - October ~ The wildlife season
We have now arrived in the fall, with its varying weather, beautiful late summer or boisterous wildlife. Likewise, the sea can be very rough, but if the weather permits, it offers a sea of ​​possibilities. The temperature of the sea slowly falls. The marine animals have eaten their fill and have built up emergency supplies. Therefore many fish the European species especially are now outstanding. Only when the sea gets really cold will it bring fish such as mullet and red mullet south. For different shellfish the well-known saying about the months with R applies. During these colder months shellfish are of the best quality and are a welcome addition to the seafood assortment.

November - December ~ The season of abundance
This is the season of abundance on the one hand due to man’s abundant wishes around the holidays, and on the other hand due to the especially abundant sea. The species that are not doing their reproduction during this period have long behaved as gluttons. This is also reflected in their outstanding quality. A complete list of all species of fish can be found in the section all about fish. You will find information on saltwater fish, freshwater fish and shellfish.